Friday, February 8, 2013

'Toughest, Meanest Fighting Force Possible'?

By Donald Sensing

More on why opening infantry, armor and artillery (among other specialties) will mean almost nothing in the long run:

William Gregor, professor of social sciences at the Army's Command and General Staff College, reports that in tests of aerobic capacity, the records show, only 74 of 8,385 Reserve Officers' Training Corps women attained the level of the lowest 16 percent of men. The "fight load" -- the gear an infantryman carries on patrol -- is 35 percent of the average man's body weight but 50 percent of the average Army woman's weight. In his examination of physical fitness test results from the ROTC, dating back to 1992, and 74,000 records of male and female commissioned officers, only 2.9 percent of women were able to attain the men's average pushup ability and time in the two-mile run.
As I wrote before, women know these facts just as well as men and will not flock to become infantrywomen because they are not idiots.

Of course, because the senior leadership of the military is now thoroughly politicized and feminized, even though they are still men, it is always possible that once it's clear that women cannot meet the physical standards demanded by those specialties, well, lower the standards, as as the Joint Chiefs chairman has already said they would.

Well, good luck:

And there's this photo from an embed in Afghanistan:

Hat tip: Reader Mike G. via email

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